Why reusable wine totes aren’t just for wine?

Most people don’t think of custom wine totes when they hear the word “reusable bag,” which is fair and understandable given how popular reusable shopping bags have become recently, but there are so many other designs of reusable bags to select from.

While a tailored bag has a specific function, there is no reason why it cannot be utilized for a variety of other purposes. We’d like to highlight custom earth promos reusable wine totes to demonstrate that, while they’re fantastic for wine bottles, they’re also capable of so much more.

The long-lasting design of custom wine totes ensures an excellent return on investment.

We believe that providing a high-quality reusable wine bag to help advertise your business is critical, therefore we begin with a 90g non-woven polypropylene material for our reusable wine totes. This fabric is an excellent choice since it is both lightweight and sturdy, allowing your consumers to fill and carry this bag for many years to come. Polypropylene has a smooth texture that wipes clean with a moist cloth but may also be washed for a more thorough cleaning.

Custom earth promos unique reusable wine bags include a bottom board and inside dividers, ensuring that bottles are supported and protected. Custom earth promos wine bags are made of high-quality materials, so your marketing message will be seen every time your clients carry your branded bag. This enhanced visibility will raise brand awareness and recognition while also providing excellent value for your marketing dollar.

Consider thinking outside the box, or rather the reusable wine tote bag

Reusable wine tote bags are ideal for wineries and distilleries, liquor stores, wholesalers, and producers, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider this form of the bag if your business does not fit into one of those categories. Our wine totes are meant to hold wine and liquor bottles, but they also suit a variety of other products.

These totes are a simple addition to your customers’ reusable shopping bag array, and they’re perfect for carrying everything from soda bottles to jars of tomato sauce to cut flowers, and the distinct compartments make this bag useful for keeping organized at a farmer’s market or carrying glassware. Using personalized reusable wine totes to sell your business can help distinguish your brand from others and make your bag stand out.

Make your reusable wine totes

You may choose the style (when it comes to our wine totes, you can choose from 2-, 4-, or 6-bottle reusable tote bags), the color of the tote, and the ink and print of your logo or branding statement on your reusable wine totes or…

You may go all out and personalize your reusable wine tote to your precise preferences.

Change the color of the gusset or the handles, adjust the length of the handles, add pockets, or do anything you want to make the bag appear and perform the way you want it to. By personalizing the design of your reusable wine tote, you can keep it consistent with the rest of your marketing campaign, giving your business a polished and professional appearance.

It’s time to create your business’s reusable wine totes

Check out our custom earth promos bags and get a quotation. Contact us here to receive a price or ask questions about our reusable wine bags. Also, remember to stock up since the more bags you get, the lower the price per bag.

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