Top Reasons to Clean Your Shoe Soles

As a homeowner, you will always want to clean your rooms, especially when children are around. However, most of us do not focus on one of the essential aspects: shoes. Footwear products contain plenty of harmful microbes that may lead to diseases.

Even if you use the Jordan 1 University Blue, a popular Air Jordan product known for its soft and comfortable cushioning and iconic university blue color, you cannot escape germs. 

Sometimes, you may not ask your guests to leave their shoes outside. In that case, you have to keep a high-quality shoe sole cleaner. 

Check the following points to know why cleaning your shoe soles is essential.

A Large Number of Bacteria Born in the Shoes

Keep in mind that many harmful viruses and bacteria are born in the shoes. As per researchers, there may be as high as 400000 bacteria in a shoe. The reason is that your shoes continuously pick up soil fragments and plant matter, which prove a perfect breeding site for these microbes. 

Survival Periods of Bacteria Can Be Longer on Shoe Soles

Research has also revealed that bacteria can live a little longer on your shoe soles than in other places in the house. Because new bacteria can quickly feel the existing bacteria, continuous bacteria growth is expected on shoe soles. When you clean your shoe soles using a cleaner, it can remove all the bacteria.

Whether you use a top brand like the Jordan 1 University Blue or any other brand, you have to clear your shoe soles regularly. 

Shoes Can Easily Catch Toxins

Another issue with the shoes is that they can easily catch toxins and then transfer them to other places in your house, causing health issues. For example, when walking on your lawn, your shoes may catch weed killers and lawn fertilizers. Not only that, but the shoes also pick up coal tar used on roads. 

So, if you do not correctly clean the soles, the chemicals will quickly spread in your house environment and cause several health problems. 

Toxic Matter Get Transferred to the Floor Quickly

Harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria stick to our shoe soles and are left on the carpets and floors. In most cases, the germs on the shoe soles end up on the rug and floor and cause significant health issues.

Final Words

Because many health issues are triggered by microorganisms found on the shoe soles, you must pay extra attention to cleaning your shoe soles. There are many sole cleaners available in the market that you can choose from.

When you contact a top online shoe retailer like HypeYourBeast, the experts will always advise on these matters. This online store has an extensive collection of shoes, including the Jordan 1 University Blue you’re looking for. Explore our pack today!

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