A flower pot is a container that can as well be referred to as a flower planter or even a plant pot, and this container is used in planting flowers; beyond flowers, they can be as well used to grow other plants for cultivation and displaying. History has it that flower pots are significantly made from plain terracotta with no ceramic glaze, having a round shape, tapering inwards. However, the narrative these days has now changed as flower pots are now often made from different kinds of materials ranging from plastics, wood, metal, and stone to even the usage of biodegradable materials. These biodegradable materials are brown paper, peat moss, cardboard, or even waste cartoon paper.

Flower pots are used for quite a few activities in a garden or a horticultural system. These activities involve transporting plants to their new locations for proper planting after being cultured for some time, which we refer to as a nursery. According to Wikipedia, a greenhouse is where plants are propagated and grown to the desired size, and most times, plants are concerned with gardening. Flower pots can also be used for starting seeds, patio and indoor cultivation of plants, and the growing of tender plants in cold regions, which are usually done indoors. Over the years, the use of flower pots has dramatically influenced the horticultural use of plants, and history has it that the Egyptians were among the first set of people to use flower pots to transport plants from one location to another location, and it continued like that in extension to other regions.

Another critical thing to note about flower pots is that they usually vary in size. The size of flower pots is determined by the plant they will be used for. On a general note, plants planted in bigger flower pots will become more prominent. On average plants increase by 40-45% in biomass for a doubling in flower pot volume. And this will most likely be a result of higher availability of nutrients and water in larger pots in comparison to small pots that will only get to hold a small amount of soil, there will be higher availability of nutrients and water in larger pots, and the root as well will have less bound and more freedom. We must also note that this does not apply to all plants. Some plants, regardless of the size of the flower pots, will still eventually grow bigger because that is how they are fashioned to grow.

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